As you can easily guess, taï-chi-chuan can be very useful in social working. But this is not the common sense of taï-chi-chuan, and many teachers do not like this side of taï-chi-chuan. They only see health or well-being. I'll try to develop my mind on this page.
Any comment will be welcome.

I have already teached to people coming out from jails, or to unreading people, and i want to increase that aspect of my teachings.

I'd like to teach to social workers, or directly to some people in problems.

Many aspects of t'ai¨-chi-chuan make of it a practice leading to people's épanouissement :

Slow motions increases VIGILANCE , on est présent à chacun de ses gestes to the end of fingers, présents inside and outside, présents à soi et aux autres. Exécuter en groupe un ensemble de gestes coordonnés développe cette écoute.
Les émotions s'apprivoisent, people discover non-violence, where the weakest is the srongest. Practising with someone else let you discovering that céder, ce peut être gagner. You also learn to lead the partner sweetly, with respect, sharing with him this unique instant.
You learn, with the group and with your partner, to make with and not against somebody.

Life is motion. To free the motion, it's freeing Life. , ti's giving people the ways to walk through the world and to express themselves.

The body changes the mind. So many violences, illnesses, can be avoided, reguled, corrected by the right attitude, équilibrée, dynamique et détendue.